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Vaandrager HBC


00.01199 Stb black 1.68m
Manno predicate pref x Himone predicate pref = Renovo pref x Ureterp
Frozen semen available at HBC Stal, Boijl, 0561-421244.
Frozen semen: € 550,- per 3 doses excl. extra costs and VAT.

Only available with frozen semen.


His sire Manno (by Fabricius x Zakerno) needs no further introduction. He is declared keur and pref and currently he is the number 1 harness sire. His dam Himone is a daughter of Renovo. Her pedigree goes back to the famous foundation mare Janie. The show harness horses Geraldine, Jimono, Pablo, Tammy, Desiree, Hannes, Uroniem, Cansjo and Kariem all decsend from this bloodline as well as the top conformation mares Pimone and Rommy, both champions in the two-year-old category at the National Harness Day.
Vaandrager HBC is the only approved black son of Manno.

He has very much willingness to work, he has a very active and covering walk and has much to very much willingness to move. Vaandrager wants to go! His driver Henk Hammers knows how to guide his temperament better and better.
Vaandrager HBC has much to very much action in his front-leg and covers much ground. The use of his hind-legs is very good. The hindlegs of the stallion carry well and have much bending and impulsion.
The stallion has much to very much suspension.
His carriage and the bringing under of his hindquarters and making himself big and beautiful, is no problem to Vaandrager HBC. He shows endurance and has much "electricity” in his action.
In stance his front-leg is strikingly well placed to the front. A conformation characteristic which is often lacking in breeding. Vaandrager is growing in his skills and he has got plenty!



Eight first premium foals at various Central Selections.


Offspring inspection: In trot the foals carry their neck well, they have a good carriage and they come well back in their front. In trot they show balance and acceleration.
In 2006 Vaandragen HBC already had five first premium foals and the beautiful Belandra, owned by K. Ruinemans from Rhenen, participated in the National Foal Selection final.


offspring inspection: approved


Vaandrager HBC is an honest and relaible stallion who can be a bit tense sometimes.
He has much to very much willingness to work and is easy to drive.
The walk is very active with covering strides.
In front of the show carriage the stallion has amply sufficient to much carriage. He comes well back in his front, but could sometimes carry his neck a bit higher.
Vaandrager HBC has much to very much action in his front leg and covers much ground.
The use of his hindleg is very good. The hindleg of the stallion carries well and has much elasticity and impulsion.
The stallion has much to very much suspension.
Vaandrager HBC has much to very much willingness to move.
Vaandrager HBC has very much talent as a harness horse and he gives his driver a good feeling.
In the stable and in association the stallion behaves normally.

Several scores of the performance test

action frontleg
use of hindleg
willingness to move
general picture as a harness horse


Himone is a well developed very harness horse type of mare with a good rectangular body.
The head is eloquent.
The back of the neck is beautifully formed and has a good length.
The neck is well formed
The withers are very well formed.
The shoulder is good in length and location.
The mare is a bit weak in the back.
The croup is short with an enough muscular shank.
The stance of the frontleg is back at the knee and lacks some length.
The stance of the hindleg is straight.
The front hoofs are unequal. The pasterns are well formed.
The leg work is sufficiently hard and dry.
The walk is short but active.
The trot is sufficiently covering and has sufficiently impulsion. The mare moves powerful and carries her front beautifully.
Height: 1.67m / colour: dark brown