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Cantos (keur)


HBR960351*96 Stb brown 1.66m
Contender x Gabanta NRA keur prestatie = Goodtimes x Abantos
Frozen semen available at VDL Stud, Bears and HBC Stal, Boijl, 0561-421244.
€ 1.750,- excl. extra costs and VAT.


Contender (by Calypso II x G.Ramiro Z), the sire of Cantos is an absolute top sire and one of the pillars of the Holstein breeding industry. His following offspring is ranked in the top 200 of the WBFSH Ranking List Jumping:
Checkmate (17th), Archie Bunker (53rd), Controe (139th), Caesar (156th), Capone I (159th) en Conair (196th). Additionally 32 of Contender’s sons in Germany have an above average jumping index, of which Campamento (ds. Landgraf I), Con Capitol (ds. Capitol I), Concerto I en Concerto II (ds. Ahorn Z), Contendro I (ds. Reichsgraf), Conterno Grande (ds. Grannus), Conteros (ds. Raphael), Cordobes II (ds. Lancer I) and Cashman (ds. Argentan) score a jumping index of over 140.
Cantos’s dam Gabanta (by Goodtimes) and grandmother Abanta (by Abantos) jumped internationally in big tour classes. Goodtimes (Nimmerdor x Caletto I) passed on his beautiful conformation and movement qualities to Cantos and his offspring and Goodtimes’ son Obelix R is competing internationally. Megin Fortuna, daughter of great grandfather Abantos, is also active in the international jumping sport.



Cantos is the best represented stallion with five sons who were send off to the second viewing in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Because of different circumstances none of his sons reach the finish. But in sport Cantos offspring manifest themselves prominently. Society’s Voila and Velvet Rose are the highlights at the World Championships for Young Horses in Lanaken. Voila wins bronze and Velvet Rose qualifies for the Final. Previously they both finished equal fourth in the VION Cup final and Voila wins the M-class at Jumping Amsterdam. Wamberto wins the four-year-old class at jumping Indoor Luttenberg and Casantos – one of Cantos’ approved sons – wins the Masters in Wanroij. Others that were successful in sport were Via Wetten, Velex, Van Cantos and Vabantos. At the studbook selections six mares received the ster predicate and meanwhile one of his daughters is keur.
Also in 2007 Cantos maintained passing on jumping talent (156) and height (+0.75) above average. His conformation index has increased to 108 and his movement index remained 108. Unique scores for a jumping stallion!


Two of the three presented Cantos sons are selected for the Performance test, Zacantos S (by Cantos x Epilot), bred by A.E.J.M. Schellings from Ootmarsum and Zucculli (by Cantos x Kigali), bred by G. Scheper from Ruinen. Zucculli finishes in fourth place in the Champion’s selection. In 2006 Cantos has an high jumping index of 114 because of the free jumping results of his sons and daughters
His exterior index is 106 (above average: within the best 15.8 per cent) and his offspring’s movements give him a movement index of 109 (above average: within the best 2.2 per cent). Cantos increases height, + 1,83 and has a very high jumping index of 163 (above average: within the best 2.2 per cent).


In total 24 daughters are presented at the inspections of which five are declared "ster”and five "interim keur”. Wimara (by Cantos x Rossini) is his first "elite” daughter (50 per cent are predicate mares). Wiana (by Cantos x Naturel) becomes Champion of the Central Inspection in Zeeland and is awarded the predicate "elite”. Three daughters take part in the National Broadmares Inspection.
Weasina (by Cantos x Notaris) and Wabina (by Cantos x Emilion) have very good IBOP scores, 82,5 and 77 points respectively and are both awarded the "keur” predicate. Five of his sons are presented at the first stallion inspection and four of them are send off to the second round. One receives the "ster” predicate.
In 2006 one son was sent forward to the performance test but was withdrawn for veterinary reasons. Another son, Valuas (by Cantos x Animo) is sold at the Select Sale.


Nine daughters are presented at the studbook inspections of which two are awarded the predicate "ster”and three "interim keur”. The absolute hit is Viniki (by Cantos x Celano), also bred by G. Scheper from Ruinen. She is champion of the three-year-olds with 80 points for free jumping and overall reserve champion at the Central Inspection in the province of Drenthe. At the National Championship Free Jumping she finishes in third place.
Studbook Zangersheide approves the Cantos-son Cirobantos (out of a G.Ramiro Z dam).


The NRPS awards Cantos the predicate "sport” due to his excellent sport achievements. Cantis, full brother to Casantos, is approved by the NRPS.


The Cantos son Casantos (out of a Cassini mare) is approved by the NRPS and becomes\champion of his age group. Meanwhile Casantos has also been approved by the KWPN and finished in fifth place in the stallion competition Z-level at the Central Stallion Selection in 2007.

Cantos finishes runner-up in the 1.40m competition for the VHO Trophy with Marc Houtzager. Lots of compliments for the stallion’s fantastic attitude and athletic power
2006 LEIPZIG fifth, seventh and 10th place with only clear rounds
2005 LINZ (AUSTRIA) Grand Prix runner-up
Runner-up and sixth place at Outdoor Gelderland
Grand Prix runner-up after three days with only clear rounds
HENGELO Winner of the Accumulator, Joker fence on 1.75m!
Derby winner
placed in the international 1.40m class
Third place Z-class
2002 ZWOLLE Best Young Stallion
Champion M-level
ZWOLLE Reserve Champion Future Stallion with a 9 for jumping and a 9.5 for his
moving in between fences
approved by the KWPN
ranked first before the final competition. Not allowed in the final because he is a non-KWPN approved stallion.
 2000 LIMBURG runner-up in the Stal Hendrix final as a four-year-old
1999 NRPS approved by the NRPS as a three-year-old NRPS performance test:
walk, dressage, steeple, behaviour: good trot, gallop, free jumping, jumping under the saddle, character/willingness to work, overall impression: very good

KWPN (Royal Dutch Warmblood Studbook) terminology:

Star: Horse of especially good quality
Keur: A star mare with a good performance test and good offspring
Preferent: Mares with especially good offspring
Prestatie: Mares with offspring proven very good in sport